Monday, April 6, 2009

In Geneva

Finished some moving around of servers and one of our products this past weekend.  Also did some cleanup so we can vacate some older cabinet space.  It runs much faster on the new environment, and we are doing lots to optimize it even more.  We have plans to VM a lot of it, which should help with management and scalability.  Everything went really well over here, we had some issues but not a ton.  Learned a lot about the other environments and how we can streamline a lot of it. 

I’m going to spend the rest of the week meeting with various people, and spending time with my engineer over here.  He’s pretty excited about a lot of what’s going on, and that’s great.  Its always nice to teach eager people.

I’m headed to Munich office next week to fix some ongoing connectivity issues, we have a DSL line which is over ISDN (Annex B).  Its been very problematic, and we’ve had connectivity issues.  I’m also installing a new firewall to get them onto the corporate standards, as well as deploying a new access point. 

Been working non-stop since I arrived last Thursday morning, I hope the rest of this week isn’t as long days.  I think I worked 28 hours last weekend alone.

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