Friday, February 20, 2009

Lots of updates, projects, running and ducking

Sorry for the lack of posting, I have been travelling and working a lot trying to get a bunch of projects out the door. We have about 6 weeks left of craziness until there is a break before some other larger projects. At least most of the infrastructure and underpinnings will be done for that which should make things less crazy.

We are close to moving our marketing site over to Tridion (beta launch today, and release next Friday), so marketing can deal with the content independently of the code and products. Tridion is a crappy product to deal with, it breaks a lot, and its hard to keep the publishing system working. The upside is that it's very flexible. As far as CMS's go its very overpriced, the support is sub-par (compared to higher end tools I have dealt with) and not something I would recommend to most companies.

I am headed to Geneva in 1.5 weeks to finish the rest of some migrations we are doing. Essentially moving some servers and integrating some products together.

Our Netapp is still crashing weekly due to a bug with the 10G card. Netapp is having a hard time debugging the core files we have provided. I'm pretty surprised this has taken 6 weeks, and I've escalated to my sales folks to hopefully get them moving.

I'm trying to sell a bunch of surplus gear that we pulled from our old datacenter, which we moved out of on Sunday. Bunch of servers and other random hardware. Curious to see what the lot will get.

Things are good, we have a lot of projects to deliver, but we are progressing, learning, and advancing to the new product launch. Hope all of my readers are doing well and you enjoy the weekend.

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