Friday, November 14, 2008

Bad bad week, kinda…


REALLY BAD : We had a little exchange issue this week, which was not recovered from so well. That's fixed going forward.

SOMEWHAT BAD : On top of that my biggest project is starting to be realized, which is a datacenter move. That's going okay, but we have some interesting swapping to do. I need to move my f5s this week, and ship a whole bunch of networking gear. I have a Netapp, and lots of servers ready to be installed.

BAD: The issue is that my new contract isn't done yet, which is another thing I have to do. I also just realized we aren't going to do managed backups due to the $5k a month they want to charge us, so now I'm ordering a library as well.

BAD : Found out we opened a German office without any IT signoff, no firewall, connectivity issues, and the staff there speaks no English. Trying to get my hands on that, but it's a bad situation. Need to order some gear.

BAD : We have 4 web conferencing tools in use here, we waste a LOT of money. I want to get everyone on 1 or 2 web conferencing tools. Another annoying project to deal with.

GOOD : Just wrapped up signing a new and much better Akamai contract, which is pretty cool. Also got a LOT of purchases pushed through. Probably about 10 purchases this week for the company.

GOOD : Redoing and reassessing all of our backups due to the exchange issue in all of our offices.

KICKASS : Installed a new helpdesk app that I love that we are evaluating – its awesome. I hope to get off the crappy ACE system we are using which is like pulling teeth out of a rabid Rottweiler.

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