Friday, October 31, 2008

Monitoring, Reporting, and other stuff :)

Over the last week, I was sick a couple days. I used some of that time to build a cool management dashboard based on data coming from various tools:

  1. Coradiant – E2E, Host, Status Codes, Sessions, good versus errored
  2. Google Analytics – Pageviews
  3. ACE – Ticket metrics

We are also evaluating the Dejaclick product from Alertsite to enhance the basic remote reporting we are using. The tool is very slick, and the pricing is pretty reasonable for what you get. We are also going to be looking at Coradiant Truesight Edge next week to get more data from our Akamaized traffic (which most of it is).

Other than that just ordering a bunch of RAM for some boxes we are turning into ESXi machines, and also ordering some new Dell switches to run 10Gig Ethernet to the new Netapps we are putting in place.


dmcclure said...

What'd you use to create your management dashboard?


jkowall said...

Right now its just excel, I am building a small DB to house the stats now, and i'll push that to excel. Eventually I'll move it to reporting services. The dataset is very small. About 20 metrics per day. Do you want me to post a sample on my blog?