Tuesday, June 24, 2008

HP Software Universe

I attended and spoke at HPSU this year. It was a good conference, and HP is making a lot of progress on the products which we are very interested in. I'm going to go into each of these and explain some of what I saw, and what we are up to with each product.

  • HP NAS
    • New UI is coming down the road.
    • Additional of bare metal provisioning.
    • Internally
      • We are moving from 7.0 to 7.2 here in the next few weeks.
      • We are just finishing up a MS-SQL Multimaster setup with the UK this week. It's been painful, and taken us 4 attempts now, but we are close.
  • HP SAS
    • Some interesting stuff with other customers, best practices, and other tips on it.
    • Internally
      • We are moving towards a small SAS deployment in 2008, probably 200-400 systems. Just firming up some budgets, since we are splitting the cost among a couple budgets.
  • HP OO
    • Tons of new content, which makes OO above and beyond.
    • Multimaster is coming down the pipe, which should be really nice. Since the platform of OO is very similar to NAS it should be easily done.
    • Lots of progress in RUM, especially generic TCP Monitoring.
    • Correlation of alarms coming into BAC.
    • Baselining and auto thresholding – REALLY GOOD TO SEE THIS IN BPM!
      • They have taken this another level higher, and they show you how it would have worked if you use the suggested thresholds.
    • Problem management and workflow ideas which should help the usage.
    • Integration of OM into UCMDB, and other feeds to and from the UCMDB.
  • HP BPM
    • Interesting customer presentation of a large distributed BPM they deploy at branch offices. Very good use case, and well managed. They deal with BPM problems in a good way.
  • HP OM
    • Sitescope integration in OM 8.1.
    • New enhancements around usability and reporting.
    • HTTP agent is excellent, and much easier to deal with than the old agent.

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