Friday, April 4, 2008

What’s going on in my crazy life

Well I bought a new ride this week as a second car : Its pretty fun, and I'm happy with the selection. The R32 is more practical than my current car, but also still fun and good in the snow (AWD).

On to more technical matters, we were hoping to accomplish more this week than we in fact did, probably due to many people on my teams being Ill, and one of our major contributors being out for half the week OOO. Here are some highlights of another fun filled week:

  1. Got the new cluster in hand for the Sevone expansion. We are getting huge requests do to diagnostic netflow analysis with the product, so we want to start using it more and see what we can do with it.
  2. Implemented Opsware NAS on a physical box, which we are cutting to on Monday. This is the first V2P we have done. As NAS grows we need more horsepower than our current vmware implementation can offer it.
  3. Integration of two Netcool systems are progressing, we now have a common schema, and we are testing the schema and some replication.
  4. Had one of my guys show off the nice new BAC environment. We have finally worked out the last of the kinks (some bugs with alerting, etc) and should be live next week.
  5. Alerting from OVOW directly to Netcool with a genious custom solution and implementation by the guy who manages the OVO team was put into place. Still needs some debugging, but should be 100% next week.
  6. POCs:
    1. Stood up environment for OVOW 8.0 testing
  7. Tactical:
    1. We have a ton of reporting requests, we are trying to get some of them out of the way as quickly as possible.
    2. Backup of the F5 configs centrally (not really our space, but we took it).
    3. I am helping the network guys debug an application/network issue which they have been struggling with for weeks. It should go a lot faster now that I've broken down the debugging steps and requested the proper logs and traces.

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