Thursday, August 30, 2007

Xangati Install and comments

Just got this new small startup's product/appliance installed today. It's an interesting concept. Take the technology developed in IDS and NBADS and implement a monitoring and profiling system designed to monitor for issues and network throughput stats. It's all netflow based, so it's a quick implementation. It's quite interesting, and we'll see how it runs over the next 8 weeks. Looking forward to working with them!


Brett said...

So how did Xangati do?

jkowall said...

You can't throw it in and expect it to work. It needs a small/targeted environment where you have a good idea of what you expect to see. In my case I don't have that. I wanted to do a second POC in a controlled product area, but they didn't want to run another POC with me, so we pulled the plug. The product is primitive and has a lot of work to do. Its still got the feeling of an IDS, but they have some interesting concepts.

Harris said...

I demoed (and eventually purchased) the 1.5 version. The interface is much improved, and the install was easy. We were able to start seeing meaningful info on our network (small broadband ISP) in about two days. I think the product is moving in the right direction, and it has been great for our help desk and those pesky speed/application performance problems.