Monday, July 9, 2007

Network graphing tools

We are currently looking to replace Vitalnet, Ehealth, and MRTG/Cricket/Cacti. The products we are looking at are Netscout (which we have a small install for), Sevone (we have a POC running with them now), Netreo, and Nimbus. We have a specific list of requirements, but we are also looking to have it fill other needs as well. More on this as we better define this.



Anonymous said...

I was surprise to see a post regarding replacing VitalNet. I always like it for its scalability. But you are probably right in looking for more integration between performance monitoring and traffic accounting.

For a low price solution PRTG with its NetFlow collector is functional for smaller environments.

In my last job we were using VitalNet and NetQOS and Sniffers and it all started to get complicated with our scale of deployment. Also NetFLow in the LAN was problematic due to the flow rates. I recently looked at Network General netVisualizer/Analyzer but based on this post I need to look at NetScout again.


jkowall said...

Thanks for the info on that. I have seen PRTG, but it can't scale. A company called sevone seems to be the contender. We'll see how it pans out.