Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Research group?

Can someone please post comments on these questions.

Does anyone here work for a software or IT company?

If you do, and you design product, or deal with software/IT architectures, how much time do you spend doing research?

How much of that time do you spend using Analysts and web searches?

Qualifying technology and direction?

Do you have an internal department which does research, and helps coordinate that stuff? I find that lots of people who use the analyst seats are the senior management, and those people don't need to use analysis. I am fighting over Gartner right now, but it's very frustrating.


Sean said...

I have access to Gartner, Forrester and so on. However, I find myself suprisingly relying more and more on practical comments and diatribes first hand from bloggers, clients, friends and so on. When those aren't enough or I need more information leading towards more formalized analyses, i lean towards google. Depending on the level of importance and formality of said analysis, I may then go to Forrester and Gartner to get their perspectives on what i'm looking for.

Not sure if this helps or not.

jkowall said...

The problem is that most people don't understand the problems which we face over here in big company land. The problems that are solved with open source tools, or a small hack don't scale out to hundreds of platforms running varying applications and services. Even trying to scale out the open source network tools on cisco gear is impossible when you look at 8,000 nodes or more, which is what I have to deal with.