Sunday, November 26, 2006

Housekeeping on other projects (BI, MSSQL)

I am working on implementing a new shared SQL cluster to help improve our Openview tools to run on a better hardware infrastructure. I also hope to leverage that SQL server for Iconclude a workflow tool we are implementing more and more. I am trying to get a proper cleaner server architecture for the tools. I am also adding a high end server for the BI tool to compile the Proclarity cubes going forward.

The server config mgmt race is coming to a close, with Bladelogic seeming to have the win so far. I am working on the final touches of the evaluation.

I am also on the home stretch with the Symantec versus Quest database tools, and hope to wrap that up in the 2 weeks.

That's mostly it on my major projects, I have a lot of other smaller projects including:

  • Qip Integration
  • Monitoring work for better consistency on some of our internal apps
  • Coradiant next gen products
  • Business Intelligence work with Proclarity
  • Syslog integration for Coradiant Truesight and Onaro Sanscreen
  • Trap integration for database tools
  • Coradiant instrumentation of some leased line infrastructure

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