Thursday, July 6, 2006

Predictive failures

The class of tools which are known as predictive and analytical monitoring tools is a very interesting concept. I am looking at 2 such vendors now, to try to find something which can sit inline with our Netcool (manager of managers) and produce more intelligent alarms and such. If its works well, it may even replace or be the go to middle man to get to Netcool.

Good idea to have not only the ability to predict, but to correlate systems based on what alarms together, and how they behave leading up to a failure.

We are looking at :

Intergrien Alive -
Proactivenet -

Proactivenet is already in a QA lab here at another part of my company, but its not in production yet.

We shall see how and if the POCs progress. Expect me to keep you guys posted.

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